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carlos.prieto at scslat.org carlos.prieto at scslat.org
Thu Jun 23 11:57:38 EDT 2005

Hi !

I have a very special case with a customer; they have been using wu-imapd 
for several years without problems. The special case, is as follows:

I've installed Fedora Core 3 and the updated cyrus-imapd package version 
2.2.12-1.1.fc3 and cyrus-sasl version 2.1.19-3

They have aproximatlely 100 mailboxes, but they are shared using POP3 
using Outlook 2000 and 2003.  The Oulook is configured to leave messages 
in server and delete them when they are 10 days old. The term 'shared' 
here, is because more than one user reads the same mailbox at the same 
time. I know, POP3 has the "lock" problem, but they have been working that 
way for several years with wu-imapd. 

I was hired for updating the server, i choosed Fedora and Cyrus; now the 
problem is that from time to time, some users download the same messages 
again (because they are not old enough to being deleted) so, that way, 
they got the same message more than twice.

I've tried to move them to IMAP, i configured a cron to delete 
automatically all messages from server they are 10 days old (0 0 * * * 
/usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/ipurge -X  -f -d 10) But, a new problem raised, it's 
when the server deletes the messages, it's been deleted in the IMAP client 
too. The idea, is remain a copy in the IMAP client, but being deleted from 
the server. Any suggestion for this very special case?

Thanks for the help.
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