Duplicated messages in INBOX

Phil Brutsche phil at optimumdata.com
Thu Jun 23 13:07:05 EDT 2005

carlos.prieto at scslat.org wrote:
> I was hired for updating the server, i choosed Fedora and Cyrus; now 
> the problem is that from time to time, some users download the same 
> messages again (because they are not old enough to being deleted) so,
> that way, they got the same message more than twice.

Outlook doesn't like the POP3 UID values generated by Cyrus. I'm afraid
that outside of dumping Outlook for something else there isn't anything
that can be done about it.

IIRC Outlook Express suffers from a similar affliction.

> I've tried to move them to IMAP, i configured a cron to delete 
> automatically all messages from server they are 10 days old (0 0 * * 
> * /usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/ipurge -X -f -d 10) But, a new problem raised,
> it's when the server deletes the messages, it's been deleted in the 
> IMAP client too. The idea, is remain a copy in the IMAP client, but 
> being deleted from the server. Any suggestion for this very special 
> case?

That is the way IMAP works.

They deleted messages on POP3 server to reclaim disk space since a copy
of the message was stored on the email client. Since *all* messages are
stored on the IMAP server you don't need to delete anything.

Removing the cron job to purge 10-day old messages will partially solve
this problem. Getting your client to think in terms of server-side mail
storage will be the rest of the solution.


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