cyrus imapd authentication problem

Matt Schwartz mschwartz at
Sun Jun 26 21:38:12 EDT 2005

Hi, I am tearing my hair out over this one.  When I run an imtest -m 
login localhost, I keep getting an L01 NO Login failed error and a 
generic failure.  What could this mean?   I have configured imapd.conf's 
sasl_pwcheck_method: saslauthd.  I have saslauthd set to pam and when I 
run a saslauthdtest, it works fine.  My syslog give me an error like 
this: badlogin: localhost.localdomain []  plaintext cyrus 
SASL(-1): generic failure: checkpass failed.  In my auth.log, I get 
cannot connect to saslauthd server: Permission denied.  Any ideas would 
be met with appreciation.

Thank you,

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