cyradm freebsd ldap auth problem

Ondrej Sury ondrej at
Wed Jun 29 03:05:15 EDT 2005

What is your auth method?  Ie. show us output of:

grep -E ^sasl /etc/imapd.conf

if you are using saslauthd, then does testsaslauthd works?

And did you read and understand all installation instructions?


On Tue, 2005-06-28 at 21:55 -0300, Luís Cargnini wrote:
> People i  having the following problem:
> cyradm --u cyrus localhost
> Password:
> cyradm: cannot authenticate to server with  as cyrus
> My entirely system is installed but i'm still can't connect as cyrus
> using cyradm what could i do ?
> What other information they need to help me ?
Ondrej Sury <ondrej at>

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