Shared Folders Question

Nikola Milutinovic Nikola.Milutinovic at
Thu Jun 30 01:35:09 EDT 2005

Matt Schwartz wrote:

> How do I set up shared folders on my cyrus imap server?  I have 
> created a mailbox called shared.announcements and any attempt to send 
> an email to shared.announcements fails.  I have tried sending an email 
> to shared+announcements and they both bounce saying that the mailbox 
> does not exist.  Here is the error below:
> shared+announcements at 
> <mailto:shared+announcements at>>: data format error. Command 
> output:
>    shared+announcements: Mailbox does not exist

You should send mails to cyrus+shared.announcements at, and 
setup "cyrus" to be "postuser" in imapd.conf. And, yes, user "anonymous" 
must have "p" access to that folder.

Guys, anyone has any info on setting up an authenticated connection to 
LMTP and using THAT user for posting to shared mailboxes? I'm not very 
fond of user anonimous being able to post anything on the system.

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