cyrus, postfix, sasl and defaultdomain

Howard Shere hmsme at
Thu Jun 30 11:33:07 EDT 2005

We are moving to cyrus/postfix. I have moved one of our other servers 
already so I have most of it working.

The issue is that we have one domain with a lot of users and they 
currently authenticate with just their user names and we'd like to not 
have to make them all change their settings.

I can get everything to work without using defaultdomain: in the 
imap.conf, but when I use defaultdomain: I can't seem to get web-cyradm 
to create the right entries in the mysql tables so that mail gets 
delivered to the accounts and so that I can log in with the mail client 
without the FQDN.

Can someone enlighten me on the setup I need for the defaultdomain to 
work without FQDN and for web-cyradm to work on this domain and the 
other virtual domains as well?

Howard Shere
Altair 8800a to Mac OS X so far...

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