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> Hi,
> --On 29. Dezember 2004 5:26:06 Uhr -0600 John Wade <jwade at>
> wrote:
>> One other thing to note, if you are using RHEL 3, be sure to get the
>> latest kernel.   There was a bug in the file system caching code in the
>> update 3 that kills any heavily used system with large amounts of memory
>> (like our server) and lots of small files (like cyrus)   This showed up
>> in our conversion testing and we had to backrev the kernel until the new
>> one was released.
> could you please specify the exact kernel versions you are referring to?
> I'm not sure which version update 3 was. We are currently running
> 2.4.21-15.0.3.ELsmp. We can't really use a newer version, because we need
> IBM's sdd driver for SAN vpaths and they are slow in certifying new
> kernels
> ... maybe telling them about specific issues might speed up the process.

A lttle bit OT: I don't know the IBM thing but I expect it's all about
multipathing some FC connected SAN disks. Maybe you also use qla2300
cards. We were forced to use HP's secure path for this. It's expensive and
it's also never available for updated kernels in time. Now we are just
using the multipathing/failover which is built in into the qla2300 drivers
of the newest RedHat kernels and it works like a charm.


> We haven't really had problems like the ones you are describing, but we
> have one where the loopback interface gets stuck. All RedHat has to say
> about that is to try the most recent kernel, of course.
> Thanks, Sebastian Hagedorn
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