Xinetd.conf examples?

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Tue Jan 11 13:01:46 EST 2005

Am Di, den 11.01.2005 schrieb sc2 at um 18:32:

> b.) hmm i do not have yet inetd installed i have yet xinetd
> ok its no work to install inetd...but ................
> but thats no problem i will make inetd instead

I don't understand why you think Cyrus-IMAPd may be xinetd or inetd
controlled? It isn't. Just have a look at the /etc/cyrus.conf and use
the init script of your distribution.

> c.) with that is meand pop3 too or? (docs)
> normal.conf
> >server supporting IMAP, POP, the SSL wrapped versions, and the Sieve script 
> > >management protocol

Am I right that you some days ago posted on comp.mail.sendmail in
usenet? And that you are running Fedora Core? It has a well packaged and
configured Cyrus-IMAPd - thanks to main work by Simon Matter - on board.
Have a close look at /etc/imapd.conf and /etc/cyrus.conf, of course as
well "man imapd.conf" and "man cyrus.conf".

Which documentation do you miss? You see the URLs in the signature of
every mail of this list?


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