Problem using reconstruct

Nicola Ranaldo ranaldo at
Tue Jan 11 06:40:31 EST 2005

> Hi Nicola,
> Sorry if I was not clear.  As far as I can tell, the problem only occurs 
> if you run reconstruct as part of your upgrade process (which is not 
> necessary, and based on this, very much not recommended)   Just upgrade 
> and the index format is upgraded automatically when you access the 
> mailbox. uidvalidity and flags are preserved.

Yes i know, but i'm trasferring from an older cyrus releases to a newer and 
above all from tru64 alpha 64bit to linux intel 32 bit.
The two architecture are differents (the most significant in sizeof (int)) 
so, in the past, i had a lot of troubles transferring binary file between 
I remember some years ago, i had to patch some problems in memory pool 
allocation, ipurge, berkeleydb and so on.
I cannot be sure all the code is bug-free, in these days i'm reading a lot 
of messages about 64bit problems.
In this scenario, it *may* be useful to have a well-working reconstruct tool 
to launch in case of a disaster!
This becomes imperative while cyrus is widely used in production/enterprise 
As i can manage cyrusdb with different tools, i'd like to manage cyrus.index 
file in the same manner.
Exporting/importing to a plaintext/xml file may be the first step, and will 
be useful in migrating from/to different hw/os/mailserver platforms.
Howewer i'm not the author of this great software, so if developers do not 
want to fix this bad reconstruct behaviour i can only hope my migration will 
be successfull.

Best Regards

    Nicola Ranaldo

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