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Tue Jan 4 20:29:10 EST 2005

hi john,

> I will say that as long as you are using standards based protocols to access
> and inject mail into the mail store, the internal format is irrelevant.    It 
> best to view cyrus as a black box, any custom code you write to access cyrus
> internals could easily be broken in the next release.

yup.  that's the understanding i'm coming to ...

> The only problem I have had with this is that sieve re-injects mail into the
> queue via sendmail and the sendmail interface is not defined by a standard.
> (but instead by the default current behavior of sendmail.)    Since cyrus
> stores in CR/LF it injects into sendmail with CR/LF and qmail's sendmail
> replacement expects LF only.   I suspect that qmail is the only MTA that has
> this problem since no one else has reported it.   (BTW, if anyone is using
> qmail, I have a fix in place now that resolve this by patching qmail's
> sendmail replacement.)

sieve's 'on my list', but haven't gotten round to it yet.

my install is using postfix as MTA, and *it* also has a sendmail-replacement, 
but as I'm using only cyurus' LMTP for all local delivery, i'd THINK (hope?) 
that sieve will 'play nice' with imap/lmtp w/o necessarily using the sendmail 
clone ...  but i'm guessing for now :-S

> The only time you would want to mess with the internal format is when you are
> doing something like a mailstore conversion (I know we converted from UW's
> IMAP server a while back using this technique), but even then you may be
> better of using protocol based tools to copy.

the conversion is exactly what i'm considering.  nonetheless, protocol-based 
tools may be much less headache despite being (arguably) slower  ....



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