quota strangeness

Kevin Maguire kmaguire at eso.org
Wed Jan 5 06:17:21 EST 2005


My Crus IMAP server is running on Fedoar Core 3.

rpm -q cyrus-imapd

I setup the accounts as follows using cyradm

createmailbox user/kevin
setquota user/kevin 9999999
listquota user/kevin

And everything works well.  Until it gets to a point where I get quota
problems when attempting delivery (sendmail)

>>> RCPT To:<kevin>
>>> DATA
452 4.2.2 Over quota
<kevin at somewhere>... Deferred: 452 4.2.2 Over quota

However at that point

/usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/quota -f
    Quota  % Used    Used Root
  9999999      18 1875665 user/kevin

which seems to show I have lots of quota left.

I changed the quota using cyradm

setquota user/kevin 99999999

and the error goes way, and quota now reports

    Quota  % Used    Used Root
  99999999       1 1878084 user/kevin

And I see

df -lk  /var/spool/imap/
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/hdb1             19550500   2231488  17319012  12% /var/spool/imap

(basically there is only one "user" of mail in /var/spool/imap for

Suggestions as to what might be wrong, and what I can do to fix it?

Incidentally /var/spool/imap/ is a reiserfs filesystem, is there any
special tuning or mount options that are highly recommended for IMAP
performance reasons?  Is there any reason to choose ext3 (or
xfs/jfs/...) over reiserfs (with which I have always had good
experiences with though YMMV).


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