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Thu Jan 6 10:05:19 EST 2005

Hello Baltasar
Thx 4 Answer
Hmm now im little bit confused i did make a look into and just 
see a entry like
(it is standart install no custom local mailer m4 entrys)
this means procmail or?
so in fact its not possible procmail (nice filtering) + imap correct?
i know there spamassassin etc too...and i use them but combined its a good 
way to filter messages with are "wantet"

####  $Id: local_procmail.m4,v 8.22 2002/11/17 04:24:19 ca Exp $  #####
Mlocal,         P=/usr/bin/procmail, F=lsDFMAw5:/|@qSPfhn9, 
S=EnvFromL/HdrFromL, R=EnvToL/HdrToL,
                A=procmail -Y -a $h -d $u

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