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Sat Jan 8 14:10:52 EST 2005

Paul Wolstenholme wrote:

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> I'm interested in finding more information regarding sieve notify. I 
> have found an example usage:
>     require "notify";
>     if header :contains "from" "someuser at" {
>         notify :message "Important message";
>     }
> The question I have is how does the implementation work. In the notifyd 
> man page, there appears to be two: mailto and zephyr.
> For mailto is it as straight forward as:
> notify :options "me at my.tld" :message "Important"
> I am also curious as to whether it is  possible to insert portions of 
> the original message:
> notify :options mailto:me at my.tld :message "New message in your
> shared folder.\r\nFROM: $from$ \r\nSubject: $subject$ \r\n"

You're close with the syntax, but you missed a couple of quotes, etc. 
Also, you can't insert CRLF in a text string (they'll be treated as 
escaped 'r' and 'n').  If you want multi-line output, you need to use a 
text: block.  E.g.:

notify :method "mailto" :options "mailto:me at my.tld" :message text:
New message in your shared folder.
FROM: $from$
Subject: $subject$

Note that the $text$ and $text[n]$ variables are only available in Cyrus 

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