Has anybody used NOD32 antivirus with Cyrus imapd?

Sasa Stupar sasa at stupar.homelinux.net
Tue Jan 11 05:42:13 EST 2005

--On 10. januar 2005 15:11 -0800 Mike Allen <mallen at familyradio.org> wrote:

> To All:
> I have had Cyrus-imapd v2.1.16 running successfully for several years but
> am having
> difficulty interfacing the Linux version of NOD32 antivirus  with
> cyrus-imapd?
> Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
> Mike

You can't use nOD32 with Cyrus but you can use it with your MTA. I use it 
with Sendmail and it works great. You can also use it with postfix, 
exim,... Read the manual which comes with NOD32 about configuration of MTA. 
It is very simple.

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