disabling GSSAPI [2.2.10]

Jukka Salmi j+asg at 2004.salmi.ch
Tue Jan 11 08:25:55 EST 2005

Andrzej Adam Filip --> info-cyrus (2005-01-11 11:01:06 +0100):
> Documentation "Bug":
> sasl_mech_list is mentioned in the FAQ but it is *missing* in "man 
> imaps.conf".

I don't think so: sasl_mech is a SASL option, it's documented in the
SASL docs, and imapd.conf(5) says:

       sasl_option: 0
            Any SASL option can be set by preceeding it with "sasl_". This
            file overrides the SASL configuration file.

Cheers, Jukka

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