Can I use Cyrus IMAP w/Outlook?

Paul Dekkers Paul.Dekkers at
Thu Jan 13 06:32:29 EST 2005


David Lang wrote:

> Paul, I recently took a look at useing thunderbird 1.0 with IMAP and 
> found that it was storing a lot of info locally, is it really that 
> good an IMAP client?

I really think it is; i'm using it all the time. (Almost; sometimes I 
use pine or mutt, but that certainly makes me less productive.)
The info that is stored locally is mostly headers (and caching?), for 
offline support, and things like what folders are collapsed or not. The 
rest, (like the 5 different coloured flags ;-)) is stored on the server. 
You never notice that some data is stored locally, it's just fast.
Let's see, on my notebook I only have 110 M of mail-data stored after 
two years of use, and that is for ~ 3Gb of IMAP data. I can live with 
that :-)

I also tried Outlook, Pegasus, Pine, Mutt and Opera, but 
Mozilla/Thunderbird is certainly the best for me. Also one of the fastest.
(And I hope/think TB also has a good chance to be the new standard at 
our office, a collegue recently compared the features people use here 
and TB clearly won that.)


P.S. TB works fine with windows profiles if you'd like to use that; it's 
just a bit better to have the "mail-cache" somewhere else and leave only 
the config in the profile to make that a bit faster during logon/logoff.

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