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Wed Jan 12 10:27:02 EST 2005

Am Mi, den 12.01.2005 schrieb sc2 at um 14:53:

> i will use imap with shadow auth..over saslauth (which now works fine for 
> SMPT Auth)

Using saslauthd from SASLv2 with MECH=shadow is a valid setup.

> when i did install imap what i then need to do /create folders that users 
> can recive mails...
> ok i know i setu for cyrus..but if a mail is coming for user XX
> is then cyrus automaticaly creates the folder user.xx
> ? 

This would only be the case if the autocreate patch has been applied and
the switches had been activated in the imapd.conf (if that is desired at

Please read the available documentation completely.
  --> about creation of mailboxes
  --> about the autocreate patch and settings


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