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Thu Jan 13 19:11:15 EST 2005

That was it... (stupid boy Pike...:-)

Op vrijdag 14 januari 2005 00:15, schreef u:
> You need to change the user you're running cyradm as.  Mailboxes
> appear "scoped" so if user X creates boxes, user Y cannot see
> them.  This got me a while back, too.
> -Mike/Szii
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> Subject: can't see mailboxes in cyradm
> Hi all,
> I'v got a strange situation:
> /etc/sasldb has been disappeared...
> I recreated it by creating user 'cyrus' with 'saslpasswd2'.
> I can login with 'cyradm localhost', but after authentication i don't
> see any
> mailboxes. The mailboxes are on the system and mail is going in there,
> but
> again i can't see them with cyradm.
> I can't create a mailbox: 'createmailbox: Permission Denied'.
> Anyone any clues how to fix this?
> Thanks!

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