Posting to shared folders - clarification and help needed

Nikola Milutinovic Nikola.Milutinovic at
Sat Jan 15 13:42:12 EST 2005

Hi all.

I'm trying to setup shared folders on my IMAP server and I'm almost 
there. After a lot of fiddling about I have a working configuration, 
like this. I have two folder hierarchies:


Also in sendmail I created a virtusertab entry mapping to 
"cyrus+shared.informatika.official at IMAP" (this is mapped via mailertab 
to "cyrusv2" mailer).

In "shared.*" I have created "shared.informatika.official" and setup the 
followinf ACLs:

localhost> lam shared.*
    anyone lrswipcda
    novakovicn lrswipcda
    milicevm lrsi
    milutinovicn lrswipcda
->  postman lrswipcda
    trajkoviclj lrsi
->  cyrus lrswipcda
->  anyone lp

Take a special note of the UIDs I've marked with "->". My idea was to 
allow only authorized personel access to this folder (official mailbox 
of our department). Submission to this folder failed.

Then I tried adding privileges to user "cyrus", hoping it would solve my 
problem - no go.

Then I noticed in my mail.log this:

Jan 15 19:22:13 Uprava lmtpunix[6132]: executed
Jan 15 19:22:13 Uprava lmtpunix[6132]: accepted connection
Jan 15 19:22:13 Uprava lmtpunix[6132]: lmtp connection preauth'd as postman
Jan 15 19:22:13 Uprava lmtpunix[6132]: 
verify_user(shared.informatika.official) failed: Mailbox does not exist

So, I added user "postman" all rights - still no go.

Then I added "anyone all" and the submission went on OK.

But this is not what I want. I don't want "anyone" all access to this 
folder. As a matter of fact, I'd like noone except the authorized users 
to even know of this mailbox. I managed to cut down access rights to 
just "List, Post" (maybe I can drop "List").

I would like to know if there is a way to use user "cyrus" for the 
submission. I noticed that message from LMTP Daemon. Should I arrange 
for Sendmail to authenticate to LMTP as cyrus? Will I be able then to 
drop "anyone lp" and have just "cyrus p" in ACLs for this folder?

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