Deleting Mailboxes

Peter P. Benac ppbenac at
Mon Jan 17 17:47:16 EST 2005

Set the acl on the mailbox in question for the cyrus user the same as the
owner of the mail box

Then delete it..

Listacl foorbar

Setacl foobar cyrus whateveracl 

Delete foobar...

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First off... I am aware of the "c" right.

I am connecting as cyrus (which has been added to the "admins" directive and
the server has been restarted.)

The mailbox in question was created incorrectly at the top level "foobar"
and not "user.foobar".

Here are the rights of "foobar":
cyrus lrswipcda

Here's the command I've attempted to delete the mailbox "foobar":
localhost> dm foobar

I tried to read as many "google results" as possible before posting here.
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