Has Berkeley DB bitten us at last?

Simon Matter simon.matter at ch.sauter-bc.com
Wed Jan 19 01:24:53 EST 2005

> On Tue, Jan 18, 2005 at 07:23:53PM +0100, Sebastian Hagedorn wrote:
>> Up to now we haven't had any problems attributable to Berkeley DB,
>> contrary
>> to the experience of several other people. But today the following
>> appeared
>> in our logs:
>> Jan 18 13:16:25 lvr13 ctl_cyrusdb[24512]: checkpointing cyrus databases
>> Jan 18 13:16:25 lvr13 ctl_cyrusdb[24512]: archiving database file:
>> /var/lib/imap/annotations.db
>> Jan 18 13:16:25 lvr13 ctl_cyrusdb[24512]: DBERROR db4:
>> /var/lib/imap/db/log.0000001081: log file open failed: Permission denied
>> For some reason the file /var/lib/imap/db/log.0000001081 belonged to
>> root!
>> I am pretty sure that nobody changed the ownership manually. Is this a
> Seems someone ran recover (either db_recover or cyrus' recover utility) as
> root.
> Happened to me a lot during my early days with cyrus.

I don't think Sebastian is in his early days with cyrus so I'm really
interested what has happened. Since they are running cyrus clustered, I
could imagine something has happened during a failover to another node.
One reason why I'm so interested is because I'd love to get rid of BDB, or
at least have an rpm build which is per default BDB free.


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