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Aleksandar Milivojevic amilivojevic at
Tue Jan 18 17:32:48 EST 2005

If using alternate namespace, shared folders will appear under "Shared 
Folders" (or whatever sharedprefix option is set to).

If I want them to appear under "Shared Folders" using "normal" 
namespace, is there a way to do that?

For example, what user now sees is "user.shared.foobar", I want this to 
become "Shared Folders.foobar".

Currently Mozilla Thunderbird is getting this namespaces from cyrus-imapd:

    Personal Namespace: "INBOX."
    Public (shared):    ""
    Other Users:        "user."

I guess for what I need, this would need to look something like:

    Personal Namespace: "INBOX."
    Public (shared):    "Shared Folders."
    Other Users:        "user."

Now, I can create for example "Shared Folders.foobar", but if "Allow 
server to override these namespaces" option is set, "Public (shared)" 
always gets set to empty string, no matter what I place in imapd.conf 
file.  Any way of doing this and keeping "normal" view of namespace?

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