Courier-IMAP maibox to cyrus-imap maildir

Cristian Mitrana cristian.mitrana at
Mon Jan 24 17:22:50 EST 2005

* Aleksandar Milivojevic <amilivojevic at> [24-01-05 16:30]:
> Pascal BOYER wrote:
> >I just would like to know if there is a wav to convert courier-imap 
> >mailbox to Cyrus-imap maildir ?
> If your Courier-IMAP mailboxes are in Berkely format, that following 
> might help you:
> Even if they are not in Berkely format, you can simply adjust the scripts.

 Courier-imap is only supporting maildirs; take the advice given and 
use a tool like imapsync or mailutil from uw-imap. For migrating to
cyrus from another imap server it's the only good option IMHO.
You risk that pop3 clients will lose sync and have to download again
messages if they were configured to leave mail on the server.


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