Sieve filtering shared mailboxes (bb+xxx)

Gilles Bruno Gilles.Bruno at
Sun Jan 23 04:03:54 EST 2005


i've just a simple question about sieve filtering shared (bb+....) 
mailboxes: until now, we only used sieve script for user mailboxes 
(, but with the increasing used of shared mailboxes (w/acl), 
there's a growing demand for sieve scripting...

Google-ing/digging the list, I just found messages ("Re: System-wide sieve 
filter" - 06/18/2004) argueing there were currently no way to implement 
"wide" (not user related) sieve scripts

Can anyone confirm this ? Any clues out there ?


PS. we're running Cyrus 2.2.10 + Sieve 2.2 + sendmail 8.12.8p1 on FreeBSD 
4.8/10 boxes.

Gilles BRUNO
System Administrator
University Joseph Fourier - France
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