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Mon Jan 24 12:58:56 EST 2005

Hi paolo,

Paolo Negri wrote on 24/01/2005 08:51:
> Hi there
> I had this exigence some month ago, and i found this workaround for 
> filtering public folders.
> To filter emails directed to public folder i created a special user 
> account "publicmanager", so i configured the aliases in MTA to send all 
> mails directed to public folders to user "publicmanager", then i setted 
> for this user a sieve script that posts each message in the appropriate 
> public folder (and subfolder, of course). This is a stupid setup but it 
> works so well.
> Obviously the user publicmanager must have "p" permission on each public 
> folder and subfolder.
> Let me know if this helps.
> Bye
> Paolo
> Gilles Bruno wrote:
>> Hello,
>> i've just a simple question about sieve filtering shared (bb+....) 
>> mailboxes: until now, we only used sieve script for user mailboxes 
>> (, but with the increasing used of shared mailboxes (w/acl), 
>> there's a growing demand for sieve scripting...
>> Google-ing/digging the list, I just found messages ("Re: System-wide 
>> sieve filter" - 06/18/2004) argueing there were currently no way to 
>> implement "wide" (not user related) sieve scripts
>> Can anyone confirm this ? Any clues out there ?
>> TIA.
>> PS. we're running Cyrus 2.2.10 + Sieve 2.2 + sendmail 8.12.8p1 on 
>> FreeBSD 4.8/10 boxes.
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I also though about this workaround, halas there are so many shared folders 
(50+) that this solution would become quickly hard to maintain :/
Apparently you're facing the same problem : it seems there aren't any ways 
to filter shared mailboxes "out of the box" ( no joke here ;) )

For example if you want your "publicmanager" to filter 2 separate shared 
folders, you'll face this dilemna :

  . (make your MTA aliases bla and foo -> publicmanager)

  . users of "bb+bla" want emails coming from XX at YY to be posted (moved)
    under bb+bla.XX (a simple "fileinto" so far)

  . at the same time users of "bb+foo" want emails also coming from XX at YY
    to be posted under bb+foo.XX

you'll have to make/manage many cases in publicmanager's sieve script

The other drawback of this solution is that *you* have to manage the whole 
script ("parts" of it can't be delegated)...

Furthermore, *IIRC* sieve scripts can't be "nested" (if I understand RFC3028 
  § 2.10.7, sieve implementation must support at least fifteen levels of 
nested test list), for example  :

   IF <condition A> then
       IF <condition B> then

doesn't seem applicable (no test inside another test) - which of course (if 
my assumption about nested tests is true) tend to make the script more 
"complicated" :/

I'll dig further...

Thanx paolo

Best regards,

Gilles BRUNO
System Admin
Universite Joseph Fourier - FRANCE
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