ctl_cyrusdb hangs

James M McNutt mcnutt at buffalo.edu
Wed Jan 26 10:29:48 EST 2005

We have cyrus 2.2.10 installed on Solaris 9.  When cyrus starts up and
runs ctl_cyrusdb -r it hangs.  I've trussed it and it doesn't seem to
be doing anything.  If I add a -x to prevent cleanup it does not hang.

I've tried removing all DBs out of cyrus/config/ except for mailboxes.db
and have dumped mailboxes.db to a flat file and recreated mailboxes.db
in the skiplist format from the flat file, but none of this seems to
fix the problem.

Any suggestion?

--cyrus.conf - starts ok--

  # do not delete this entry!
  recover       cmd="ctl_cyrusdb -r -x"


--cyrus.conf - it hangs--

  # do not delete this entry!
  recover       cmd="ctl_cyrusdb -r"


Senior Unix Engineer
Computing & Information Technology
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University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260-1407
mcnutt at buffalo.edu

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