Operation is not supported on mailbox

iwan at durgerlan.nl iwan at durgerlan.nl
Sat Jan 29 17:25:18 EST 2005


I'm new to Cyrus but got it working... however I want to remove some of my
test-accounts and run into trouble.

I could get rid of most of them without any problem however as soon as I
want to remove the last account (postmaster) this is what happens:

root at mail:/var/imap# cyradm --auth plain --user postmaster localhost
localhost> lam user/postmaster at xxxxxx.nl
postmaster lrswipcda
all lrswipcda
postmaster at xxxxxx.nl cd
localhost> dm user/postmaster at xxxxxx.nl
deletemailbox: Operation is not supported on mailbox

As you can see I use the postmaster account as admin-user but that is not
the same account as user/postmaster at xxxxxx.nl. xxxxxx.nl is not the default
domain. I have 2 other postmaster at yyyyyy.nl and postmaster at zzzzzz.nl account
which I also cannot remove and give me the 'Operation is not supported on
mailbox' error.

Any help is realy appriciated!

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