.forward and vacation

Michael Plate plate at bibliothek.uni-kassel.de
Mon Jan 31 15:48:52 EST 2005


Mauricio Tavares schrieb:
>     Stupid question:  how can a user setup something like .forward and 
> the vacation thingie (i.e. saying he is away for the time being) under 
> cyrus if he does not have direct access (i.e. cannot login) to the mail 
> server?

Cyrus uses sieve for that. A cool thingy, despite I don't know any mail 
client supporting it (maybe mulberry). However there is a number of 
other ways: we do use a webinterface (Squirrelmail) and plugin called 
avelsieve for that.

Freshmeat lists 12 products when searching for sieve.


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