replication sync_client dying cyrus-imap 2.3.0

Patrice gopat at
Tue Dec 20 08:39:18 EST 2005


yesterday evening my replication was working on my test system.
I unplugged network and came back today , plugged it again.

I tried to send an email but this one wasn't replicated on the replica. 
(I waited a few minutes and my sync_repeat_interval is 60)

I made a "ps aux" and saw that the 2 processes sync_client where not 
that was the cause of no replication.

my authentication is made via saslauthd on another server on openldap

if authentication cannot be made, it seems that sync_client  die

I launched by hand:
su - cyrus -c "/cyrus-imap/bin/sync_client -r"
--> sync ok
and now  2 processes sync_client now are running.

here is my config for replication:

sync_authname: cyrus
sync_password: xxxxxxxxxx
sync_machineid: 1
sync_log: yes
sync_repeat_interval: 60

and ideas about this behavior ?

thanks in advance


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