"reconstuct -f" after partial restore - how it worked for me

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Sun Dec 18 09:02:55 EST 2005

Sebastian Hagedorn wrote:
> -- tschloss at web.de is rumored to have mumbled on 17. Dezember 2005 16:43:34 +0100 regarding <kein Betreff>:
>> - run "reconstruct -f user.info"
> Make that
> "reconstruct -rf user.info"
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Thanks, Sebastian.

I have now a test server running.
After fiddling around with several variants I found now the parameters which worked for me:

- added a new user "johndoe" with cyradm
- did not stop the IMAPd
- copied the tree of backuped dirs/files to "/partition/user/johndoe"
-  chown´ed  these files/dirs to cyrus/imap
-  su  cyrus
- /path-to/reconstruct -C  /etc/imapd.conf  -r  -f  user.johndoe
- changed the  ACL  of  user.johndoe*  (which  may  be  obsolote because  reconstruct  used the found values!)
--> all seems to be there, visible by the IMAP client!
--> move the mailfolders to the final destination (with IMAP client)

The last step  could be omitted if I would have worked directly under the destination user, which I did not trust in.


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