Some questions about reconstruct (after a partial restore)

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Sat Dec 17 11:19:56 EST 2005

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I am a bit anxious about destroying more than healing when using reconstruct.
The situation:
- One user ("info") has lost 20 out of 25 (sub-)folders in his INBOX.
- The mailboxes are completely gone (no files, no directories, no entries in mailboxes.db).
- I have a backup of all files from configdir and partition.
- I assume not important: the user info is a virtual user, it is more a shared mailbox

I want to kindly ask the community to check if what I found out will do the job:
I intend to do this:
- stop imapd
- copy the 18 directories to partition/user/info including the 2 contained sub-dirs
  and including all the "cyrus.cache", "cyrus.header", "cyrus.index" files in each
- change the owner of all files/dirs to cyrus:mail (like the existing files)
- run "reconstruct -f"
- start imapd

- is it important, which user runs the reconstruct?
- the "reconstruct" will hit the 5 folders which are still there an working correctly
  I assume this is not a problem? If it is, I could create a intermediate folder and
 work only under this folder (later moving all folders up a level via client)
- would the -x switch be beneficial to me? I thought no, because the cyrus.header-files
  from the backup should have the right ACLs
- for clarification: the "-r" switch works similarily, but does not walk through the file
  structure in partition but uses the mailboxes.db and leaves directories not listet
  in the mailboxes.db untouched and does not add folders to the mailboxes.db
- "-p"-switch: what is the difference to "-f"? It reads that "p" "searches" directories
  which is not really a difference when knowing the name?
- I do not use quota stuff, so would you recommend to run "quota -f" anyway?

Thanks for sending me warnings, hints or confirmations.

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