admin interface to server?

Alexandre BOULANGER a.boulanger at
Thu Dec 15 11:03:47 EST 2005


Yes, you must 'su' as user cyrus and type cyradm <your_host>
Enter cyrus user's password

Then you will be prompted, type in 'lm' or 'lm <mailbox_name>' to see
the list of mailboxes.

Le jeudi 15 décembre 2005 à 08:56 -0600, Bing Du a écrit :
> Hello everyone,
> A user got 'permission deinied' and INBOX does not exist error when he
> logged on.  I need to find out if his account exists and where his INBOX
> and other folders are.  I have access to the server.  Is cyradmin the
> command line interface to the server and the right tool for doing what I
> want?

Alexandre BOULANGER <a.boulanger at>

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