Plain text password between frontend and backend

Ramya Krishnan ramya_krishnan at
Thu Dec 15 02:13:53 EST 2005

Ken Murchison wrote:

> Because the frontends proxy as the user to the backend, the IMAP LOGIN 
> command can not be used.  The only plaintext SASL mechanism that can 
> be used is PLAIN, but you can't use it unless protected by TLS.  
> Looking at the CAPABILITY output above, it doesn't look like you've 
> configured TLS.
> You might also be able to fake this by running imapd on the backends 
> with the '-p 2' option.
1. I have 2 backend servers and one proxy-cum/mupdate server. The 
password comes as clear text over the network (unsafe) to proxy. Then I 
am forced to use TLS between the backend and frontend servers... This 
network is safe and i dun want the overhead of ssl... Is there a way to 
overcome this
2. When i use SSL in the backend server, it asks for a password
Enter PEM pass phrase:
I dun want to enter the password every time i restart master... Is there 
a way
I generate a the CA and certificates with this.
openssl req -new -x509 -keyout CAkey.pem -out CAcert.pem
openssl req  -new -keyout mailkey.pem -out mailreq.pem  -days 360
cat mailreq.pem mailkey.pem > mail.pem
openssl ca  -policy policy_anything -out mailcert.pem  -infiles mail.pem

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