Quotas vs. Trash revisited

Rob McMahon Rob.McMahon at warwick.ac.uk
Wed Dec 14 06:14:07 EST 2005

I know this is an old problem, but I'd like your thoughts.

We need to apply quotas to our students for the obvious reasons, but 
face the old issue of having them hit their quotas and then being unable 
to move forward because deleting mail from the client (SquirrelMail) 
typically means moving the message to trash, requiring two copies of the 
message.  This was a known issue when we moved to the system, and we 
accepted it on the basis that our front line support could deal with 
it.  It occurred to me, though, that if we made the user.xxx.Trash 
folder a separate quota root with the same quota as their inbox these 
problems would go away.  Can anyone see any problems with this ?



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