Outlook does not delete but displays deleted messages as strike-trough

Paul-Erik Törrönen paul-erik.torronen at cardinal.fi
Sun Dec 11 09:58:50 EST 2005

On Sun, 2005-12-11 at 15:27 +0100, Thomas Schlosser wrote:
> unfortunately I have some Outlook-users on my IMAP server.
> When a Thunderbird user deletes a message, it vanishes from the
> mailbox and moves into the "Deleted
> Items" box. From an Outlook client the same deletion does not delete
> the message but displays it in
> strike through letters - the message can still be opened.
> Does anybody know the reason? Can I change this behaviour either on
> the client or the server side?

This would be because in Thunderbird you actually can configure things,
while in Outlook the users are forcefed. When you delete messages in
Outlook, it merely marks them as deleted (strikethrough), the user must
separately choose Edit/Purge Deleted Messages to get rid of the messages
(no it's not even shortcutted by default). Thunderbird seems to be
configured by default to _move_ the message to the Deleted Items-folder
and thus they vanish from whatever folder they were.

A few users of ours moved over to Thunderbird because of this MS


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