Weird problems with pop3d

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Wed Dec 7 12:47:45 EST 2005

On Wed, 7 Dec 2005, Alexandre BOULANGER wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm using since 2 years a few Debian mail servers, now running Cyrus
> 2.1.18, both with imapd and pop3d activated.
> I have perdition as proxy for mapping user at domain logins to the format
> they're stocked into Cyrus, nothing more.
> I've got a major problem since 1 month now; sometimes POP3 users cannot
> retrieve their mail, but they could see it in our Webmail or with IMAP.
> This happens very randomly at some users.
> Looking deeper at it, it seems that the content of some messages make
> the pop3d process to hang, and keep the mailbox locked; to unlock it I
> have to kill the POP3 process, delete the mail with IMAP and expunge the
> mailbox.
> I've fsck'ed the whole server and found nothing; my max list of open
> files isn't reached, moreover I've recompiled a kernel with an increased
> value, disabled APOP and TLS stuff, searched the Cyrus archives for
> similar matters but found nothing.
> Of course I have no problem with IMAP, but I will still have users using
> POP and complaining about mailboxes being blocked, without knowing
> exactly why.
> Does someone have an idea? or debug methods I can use (except checking
> logs in $cyrushome/log/$myuser)

Could it be the popminpoll setting in imapd.conf?  That's the only other 
idea that comes to mind.


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