problem with pop3d, messages can be downloaded multiple times

Matthijs Mohlmann matthijs at
Wed Dec 7 03:56:27 EST 2005

Timo Veith wrote:
> Hi list readers,
> some of our users have the problem that their messages are beeing 
> downloaded via pop multiple times. Some users even complain that they 
> aren't able to delete the doubles as fast as they get the same ones as 
> new ones again.
> They are using Outlook or Pegasus Mail. Maybe others are having the 
> problem too but I only heard of those. I know of two users, who use the 
> so called "leave messages on server" feature and I think it only happens 
> if the client is set up that way.
> Could this be a database issue, where cyrus cannot recognize that the 
> client already downloaded the messages?
> I am running Cyrus-IMAPD 2.2.12 (with autocreate patch applied) on a 
> Gentoo Linux Box.

Maybe a problem with locking. On what filesystem do you store the
mailboxes ?

We have here a cyrus server (same version) and that doesn't have that


Matthijs Mohlmann

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