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Mon Dec 5 19:57:48 EST 2005

I googled the LDAP config and read through all the how-to's only took me a 
couple of days to get it working. Mind you that was the first mail server I 
ever configured. It's still running fine. I think I use the saslauth direct to LDAP 
auth on Fedora Core 2. I think I installed all rpm's using yum.

I do recall it being a bit of a hairy experience until I started building the system up
in a very methodical way. One trick is definately to us the testsaslauthd -u user -p pass command.

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> But since cyrus 2.2 has the ability to speak LDAP directly where's the 
> need
> to use saslauthd any longer?
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>> > Heh, 'easy enough' and LDAP rarely seem to be found together.  Throw in
>> > and it /really/ goes downhill.
>> >
>> > I figure it should be easy but given that I've never actually made a
>> > 'generic' LDAP connection to an active directory I'm not entirely sure
> where
>> > to start.  And given the potential for amount of time fiddling with 
>> > sasl
> is
>> > known to absorb I'm doubly cautious.
>> I use cyrus-imapd -> saslauthd -> pam_ldap -> iplanet directory server.
>> At our site, we create unix accounts by creating ldap entries in the
>> iplanet directory server, then we create matching, synchronized accounts
>> in AD for Windows.  To the end users, it appears as one account.
>> I don't authenticate against AD for cyrus, but I'm fairly familiar with
>> using LDAP to talk to AD.  Do you have any specific questions?  I know of
>> no reason it wouldn't work using pam_ldap as above.
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