cyrus & postfix, message being corrupted when viewed by the client

cyrus cyrus at
Sun Dec 4 02:05:18 EST 2005


I need some help regarding email corruption of attachments

I have installed the open exchange system onto  2 X SLES9

the basic setup consists of the following:




i have turned off the OX, so it is basically , postfix & cyrus.

the problem:

when making an imap connection.

on 1 system if i send  MULTIPLE MS.doc files ( or it appears other  

then the first attached .doc file is readable, but the rest appear  
, ( the mime encoding seems to be cut short, or ms word will not read  

now if it is the FIRST email sent to the account ( no other emails in  
account or trash ,there is no problem-!!, the whole file and  
attachments seem
to be OK.
  emails after the first email seem to be corrupted.

  what i have tried, and the problem still repeats

1. clone & move the disk drive to another system , to discount memory &
hardware errors)
2. turn off content filtering & antivirus , including removing any port
3. totally reinstalling postfix & cyrus.

4.  stopping cyrus & rebuilding mailboxes & quotas , (no problem found)

my other SLES9, setup appears to be exactly the same , and it does  
not do
it!!,  I can send /forward,cc  attachments ,until the cows come  
home , and
not one is messed up.

I don't even have an idea how to track this down.

I have got as far as finding out the message is recieved good by  
cyrus & when placed into the user mailbox  folder ,the messages IS good.
but when sent to the client it becomes corrupted.

I have samples of the message sent to dual email systems, (good & bad  
systems), as well as the message  that is stored in the "bad" system.

I just need help understanding how the message gets from cyrus to the  
client, and how to trace the system.


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