auth against active directory?

Bill Kearney wkearney99 at
Sat Dec 3 18:12:34 EST 2005

Heh, 'easy enough' and LDAP rarely seem to be found together.  Throw in SASL
and it /really/ goes downhill.

I figure it should be easy but given that I've never actually made a
'generic' LDAP connection to an active directory I'm not entirely sure where
to start.  And given the potential for amount of time fiddling with sasl is
known to absorb I'm doubly cautious.

-Bill Kearney

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> I do alot of auth against our active directory for certain internal
> websites (using mod_ldap), but have had no need to do this for Cyrus
> yet. However, your domain controller is just an ldap server, for all
> intents and purposes. You can use saslauthd ldap auth, using your DC as
> the ldap server. The only thing I remember was that the filter was a
> little different, but you should be able to find that via google easy
> enough.

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