sieve problem ?

Bob Tito lists at
Fri Dec 2 06:27:44 EST 2005

Ken Murchison wrote:

> Yeah, the script for a at dom.ain has:
> vacation :addresses "b at dom.ain" ...

> This is obviously something that makes no sense and IMO falls under 
> the GIGO principal (garbage in, garbage out).
> The vacation code checks the headers to make sure that one of the 
> recipients :addresses is listed to make sure that the message was sent 
> directly to them (not some kind of redirect or a mailing list 
> distribution).  It then uses the address that it finds as the From: 
> address in the response since it will be a fully qualified email 
> address (the envelope RCPT TO address most likely will not).
> So, in you case, the code happens to find b at dom.ain in the headers 
> first and uses this as the From: address.
> I don't know what your user is trying to accomplish, but its clearly 
> not going to work as expected.  I'd suggest you explain to the user 
> what the :addresses field is for and have them use it properly, since 
> I don't see anyway of working around this in the code without breaking 
> the intended functionality.

Ok, another case of 'hit any user to continue' ;-)
Thanks for looking into this and for the answer... I know, this does not 
make any sense, but that is the way some users are ;-(

I had a small hope this could be prevented with a minor change, but alas....

I'll look into a small script tho check if the email-address matches the 
inbox to prevent this in the future....

Thanks, Bob
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