adding new partitions

Michael King mking at
Thu Dec 1 12:53:45 EST 2005

Hi all,

I'm actually experiencing the same problem.  I'd not had any need for
partitions until recently (lots of growth).  However, I can't seem to get
them to work, even after shutting down everything IMAP-related, and killing
any stray processes (there weren't any).

I'm getting "Unknown/invalid partition" while using the example from the
O'Reilly book (Chapter 9).

Here's the pertinent imapd.conf lines:

defaultpartition: default

# The directory for the different partitions
partition-default: /misc1/spool/imap
partition-1: /misc2/spool/imap

Here's a cut and paste example:

localhost> cm user/testmailbox 1
createmailbox: Unknown/invalid partition


(Yes, I'm using unix hierarchy)


Michael King, Systems Administrator
Web International, Inc.
mking at

> > > What do I have to do to add a new partition?  I have added it to my
> > > /etc/imapd.conf but createmailbox says "Unknown/invalid partition"
> when I try
> > > and add a new user to it.
> >
> > Did you also create the directory/mountpoint and give it the correct
> > ownership/permissions?
> Yes, it is all in place and the ownerships/permissions are the same ar the
> existing working partitions.

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