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Thu Dec 1 10:21:40 EST 2005

-- Ken Murchison said the following on 12/1/05 8:40 AM:
> info-cyrus at wrote:
>> -- Ken Murchison said the following on 12/1/05 8:20 AM:
>>> Have you looked at using the /vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/squat annotation 
>>> and 'squatter -a'?
>> I'm thinking of a way to squat all mailboxes on the server, but cycle 
>> through which ones get done that night.
> Hmm.  Squatter doesn't support wildcards?

Here's an earlier thread:

However, re-searching into these discussions I was reminded of this:

Looks like I need to give that a try.

> Only if a client uses it.  ;)

True, but perhaps more possible in a webmail client.

> Mozilla/Thunderbird use IMAP keywords.

Yeah, but last I looked you were limited to a specific number. Though, 
yes, you can change the name and the color of these labels.


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