Cyrus WebMail

Zachariah Mully zmully-kolab at
Thu Dec 1 10:19:30 EST 2005

On Thu, 2005-12-01 at 08:14 -0600, info-cyrus at wrote:
> Interesting.
> Ya know, what I find most interesting about a service like gmail is the 
> fast searching. Cyrus has got squatter, but as I indicated before, 
> really need something to control what mailboxes I squat at night because 
> simply cannot squat the entire server every night.
> The other thing that gmail and Zimbra offer, seems to me, is seamless 
> searching across folders. Not sure how/if Cyrus could deal with that 
> since seems to me to be largely a client issue.

Anyone evaluating Zimbra should be extremely careful to test the
indexing under high loads. I think Lucene is a great project, and served
us extremely well for our search needs, but it came to its knees once
our indexes climbed above the 30GB mark. It's all file based, so I'm
sure that some heavy tuning could have improved its concurrency, but in
any event, it will definitely need its own box to handle large indexes,
and from my short testing of Zimbra, I'm not sure that was possible.


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