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Thu Dec 1 09:37:58 EST 2005

-- Ken Murchison said the following on 12/1/05 8:20 AM:
> Have you looked at using the /vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/squat annotation 
> and 'squatter -a'?

I'm thinking of a way to squat all mailboxes on the server, but cycle 
through which ones get done that night.

> There has been (still is?) discussion of an MSEARCH command which does 
> searching across folders.  The undocumented SCAN command which is used 
> by Pine and UW IMAP is a LIST variant which will search or a string and 
> return the mailboxes (NOT messages) in which the string occurs.  This 
> can help a client narrow its focus for the necessary SEARCHes.  I have a 
> working patch to add SCAN to Cyrus which I may get back to.

Ooo. Both sound cool! I bet that would really help....

In terms of "labels," can already do that in IMAP with user-definable 
flags, something I've always thought was a missing opportunity in most 
IMAP clients....


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