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Sat Apr 23 22:44:39 EDT 2005

The Sieve web page states:

    At present, there is no mailing list or newsgroup for end users of

I'm curious, how is it expected Sieve will be more widely adopted with
1) limited documentation (ie: not end-user friendly) and 2) no formal
resources to discuss the protocol/language.

I'm faced with converting a system to Cyrus that, for a long time, has
been running procmail successfully.   How can I make a positive argument
for Cyrus and Sieve based upon the above problems?

I know there are ways to use procmail with Cyrus IMAPD, but doesn't
appear easy - and there appear to be caveats.  Cyrus IMAPD is intended
to run on a closed system, to (desirable), so the two items (Cyrus IMAPD
and Procmail) don't really mix well, in my opinion.

As a sysadmin, it would be invaluable for me to have more reference
material, friendly documentation, examples...  

Unfortunately, on a related note,  the people O'Reily do not have any
future plans for an updated Managing IMAP book, which I think would be
an appropriate place for this perhaps.

I've spent a significant amount of time perusing the net for resources -
I found Websieve, great - but that doesn't help me educate end users on
how to use this.


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