Andreas Hasenack andreas at
Sun Apr 24 17:48:12 EDT 2005

Quoting Forrest Aldrich <forrie at>:
> By and large there are far more examples and documentation of procmail
> out there than there are for Sieve.  Procmail exists in books, online
> manuals and texts, etc.   This is the point I was getting at (substance).

One has to note, however, that procmail is many many times more complex than
sieve from a user point of view.

> There's a lot of promise with Sieve, but I wonder with the apparent lack
> of documentation, etc., if it will remain only utilized by those who are
> able to discern the code to get it working, etc.

My technical users understand the sieve language right away, specially after
some examples I give them (which is tipically my sieve script, which 
has dozens
of mailing list filters).

The other users (not technically inclined) do fine with a web interface for
sieve (Ingo, from the Horde project, integrates nicely into the Imp webmail).

I agree that some simple examples in the webpage would help beginners a lot,
specially after they realize sieve scripts are quite simple to write.

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