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On 2005-04-25 in <>, Andreas Hasenack wrote:
> What are the issues you are having with sieve and/or your scripts?

Off the top of my head, here are some questions I have:

* I use and they support the ManageSIEVE protocol.
   I'd like to be able to update my Sieve greenlist (aka
   whitelist) from Pine. E.g., In Pine I pipe a message to a
   script and the script extracts the From: header and uses
   ManageSIEVE to update my remote Sieve script. Where can I find
   a ManageSIEVE script that will give me clues about how to do
   this? I run Pine on Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and Debian Linux so a
   Unix-type shell script would be great. BTW, I know how to
   extract the address from the From: header because I've been
   doing this for years for my Procmail recipes.

* Is it possible for Sieve to use "include" files so I can
   compartmentalize the various sections of my Sieve script? This
   seems like it would be especially useful in ensuring that I
   don't corrupt my entire Sieve script using the ManageSIEVE
   script that I describe above.

* Are there Sieve syntax checking tools that will tell me if I
   have specified exactly the right "require" items? If so, where
   can I find them? Does it make much of difference if I specify
   more than is needed. It offends my desire for minimalism.

* I've read some Sieve examples on the Web and I don't understand
   why some people use 'header :contains' when 'address :all
   :comparator "i;ascii-casemap" :contains' seems to be more
   correct. Why would someone use 'header' when they are looking
   for an 'address'? Is this an example of cluelessness on the
   part of the Sieve scripter or is there something I'm not

* I've seen some recipes that have this:

     fileinto "foo"

   Is the 'stop;' redundant here? In procmail, delivery means stop
   (unless the 'c' flag is used). What's the story in Sieve?

Thanks for any info. I'm looking forward to being free of

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