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Mon Apr 25 14:38:14 EDT 2005

OK, I'm also new to sieve - and afters much work, I've been able to get 
it running on my box using websieve. Here's the problem - it doesn't 
call my filters!!!

How can I tell where the problem lies? Is it postfix? is it cyrus? I'm 
stuck! Basically I see mail coming in via /var/log/mail.log but I don't 
see any filter processing...

On Apr 25, 2005, at 2:16 PM, Andrew Morgan wrote:

> On Mon, 25 Apr 2005, NM Public wrote:
>> On 2005-04-25 in 
>> <>, 
>> Andreas Hasenack wrote:
>>> What are the issues you are having with sieve and/or your scripts?
>> Off the top of my head, here are some questions I have:
> I'll take a crack at a few of them...  :)
>> * Is it possible for Sieve to use "include" files so I can
>>  compartmentalize the various sections of my Sieve script? This
>>  seems like it would be especially useful in ensuring that I
>>  don't corrupt my entire Sieve script using the ManageSIEVE
>>  script that I describe above.
> Sieve does not support includes.
>> * Are there Sieve syntax checking tools that will tell me if I
>>  have specified exactly the right "require" items? If so, where
>>  can I find them? Does it make much of difference if I specify
>>  more than is needed. It offends my desire for minimalism.
> I use the 'sievetest' program which comes with cyrus.  It will 
> identify parse errors, but I'm not sure how sophisticated it is in 
> general.
>> * I've seen some recipes that have this:
>>    fileinto "foo"
>>    stop;
>>  Is the 'stop;' redundant here? In procmail, delivery means stop
>>  (unless the 'c' flag is used). What's the story in Sieve?
> Sieve does not stop processing when it reaches a match.  Your Sieve 
> logic must specifically tell it to stop, or be structured in such a 
> way so that multiple matches do not occur (if that is your intention).
> A good example is one email message sent to multiple mailing lists.  I 
> filter each mailing list into a separate folder.  Some people would 
> like to receive the message in each folder (multiple matches).  Others 
> might like to receive only one copy of the message.  Use of if, elsif, 
> else logic can provide both options, depending on your preference.
> 	Andy
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