Andreas Hasenack andreas at
Mon Apr 25 22:37:00 EDT 2005

Quoting Robert Baruch <robert.baruch at>:
> More info... I did an od -c of the compiled script file defaultbc and

I think there is also always a plain text version of the script in the same

> see that websieve is referencing the folder that I selected called 
> goof as INBOX.goof. I suspect that is not correct? cyradm listmailbox 
> shows it just as goof...

So websieve is not respecting the altername namespace, or this was changed in
cyrus *after* you created the filter. Can you create the filter again? Do you
know if this namespace is a recent change to your cyrus server?

> Perhaps websieve-063a is not implemented properly... Are there 
> alternatives to test out?

Not many (GUIs) I'm afraid.

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